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Hi! I'm Kim, a book enthusiasts, intern at PS Literary Agency, and YA writer with a passion for anything creepy, weird, or sinister. I offer cover design and critique services.

Feel free to ASK ME any questions you might have about writing or the publishing industry! On my blog YA Asylum I talk about my obsession with horror, YA books & the publishing world.
T is for Tell YOUR Story

T is for Tell YOUR Story #atozchallenge

What's Your Story Tell YOUR Story

I don’t think I can over emphasis the importance of having other people read your story before you either self-publish it or send out your first query. I’ve talked about the importance of critique groups/partners and the benefits of an editor, but there’s also something, very, very, very important to remember:

It’s your story.

And while it’s important to get feedback to make sure…

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S is for Social Media

S is for Social Media

Social media on Smartphone

I think social media is becoming increasingly important for authors. Publishers are doing less marketing for you and your book, which means it falls on your shoulders. Having a vibrant social media presences will help you sell books, and connect with readers. Instead of talking about this myself I want to link to social media guru Jane Friedman and some of her amazing articles on the subject.


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R is for Rejection Game!

R is for Rejection Game! For those in the query trenches & #atozchallenge


The Rejection Game:

This is something I started to do the last time I was in the query trenches, for a YA Horror I wrote.

Personally, I think this game helps in a lot of ways.

One, you have something new to focus on right away after the rejection.

Two, you’re writing and when isn’t that helpful or fun?

Three, you have a goal and it’s pretty achievable.

You don’t have to write in one sitting, but…

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Book Talk: Bookish Pet Peeves

Book Talk: Bookish Pet Peeves


Let me just put this out there: I love to read. It’s my absolute favourite thing to do, hands down. I think we can all agree that reading and books are pretty darn awesome… but there are some readerly things that annoy me to no end and pretty much make me want to throw the book across the room if I ever encounter it. :P (Disclaimer: this post may or may not just be a very large rant. You have…

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Q is for Query

Q is for Query (free query critiques) #atozchallenge #querytip


Before I really understood the purpose of a query letter or how to write one, I hated query letters. Most authors hate them. But after I started to research them, write them, learn what works and what doesn’t, I fell in love with query letters. I know, crazy, isn’t it? But there’s something really remarkable — to me — about being able to entice someone to read a 80K word book in only 250 words.

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P is for Patience is a Virtue

P is for Patience is a Virtue #atozchallenge

Erase Impatience Illustration Design Concept

Patience is a virtue when you’re querying or on any type of submission. After all, you cannot go nudging an agent after only a couple days of having your query or manuscript — no matter how tempting that might be. It makes you look very impatient and unprofessionalSame goes if you are submitting to editors, of course.

But just as important — if not more important – is that you cannot rush your…

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Dearest Clementine: Released!

Dearest Clementine: Released! via @ReadLoveLust & @BTSPromosPR


Title: Dearest Clementine (Dearest, #1)

Author: Lex Martin

Release Date: April 18, 2014

Genre: NA contemporary romance



Twenty-year-old Clementine Avery doesn’t mind being called bitchy and closed off. It’s safe, and after being burned by her high school sweetheart and stalked by a professor her freshman year of college, safe sounds pretty damn good.

Her number one rule for survival?…

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O is for Obnoxious Twitter Uses

twitterOne of my roles with P.S. Literary includes a lot of social media. On top of helping with tweets on the P.S. Literary twitter account, I also enjoy observing other literary agencies’ accounts and literary agents’. While doing this, I have noticed some obnoxious twitter habits by authors. When they do these things, I just stare at their tweets and think really? You reallythought that was a good…

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N is for Nerdfighters

N is for Nerdfighters #atozchallenge #DFTBA


I absolutely love John and Hank Green and their YouTube channel, vlogbrothers. So today I am going to share some of my favorite Nerdfighter videos with you!

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M is for Magical Realism

M is for Magical Realism: What is it? #atozchallenge


A to Z Challenge M is for Magical Realism

If you’ve been looking around during #MSWL (manuscript wish list) or similar events, you’ll notice magical realism has become a genre that literary agents are very interested in. Sadly, not a lot of people really understand what magical realism is — and that’s not so odd. My absolute favorite article about it is this one by Nova Ren Suma(also, greatest…

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L is for Likability

L is for Likability (or rather, unlikability of characters) #atozchallenge


While at AWP 2014 earlier this year, I attended two panels on unsympathetic/unlikable characters in fiction. Personally, I gravitate toward that type of character and so I found both panels extremely interesting.

Panel 1: “I’m Just Not That Into You: Unsympathetic Characters in Fiction.”

Author Irinia Reyn moderated the panel, which consisted of editor Richard Nash, author Lynne Sharon Schwartz,…

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eBooks vs. Physical Books: A Complicated War

eBooks vs. Physical Books: A Complicated War

There are two types of people in the world: those who read eBooks, and those who read physical books.

Okay, so maybe it’s not that black-and-white (ah, if only). But this, I believe, is an ongoing battle between readers: whether eBooks are really overtaking the bookish world, or whether physical books are here to stay. Some swear by their Kindles and Nooks. Others would die before even thinking a…

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K is for Kim!

K is for Kim! Because I’m too lazy to think of something clever. #atozchallenge


A to Z K is for Kim!

I was staring at this post trying to figure out what to do “K” about and then I remembered, hey! My name is Kim, how about I do the easy thing and talk about myself? Works for me. Since this weekend is really all about revising, revising, revising for me I don’t really want to put a lot of effort into this post.

So, first off, it’s weird to put a big picture of myself on…

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I is for Internship #atozchallenge making up for the lack of I post yesterday.

A to Z I is for Internship My J and I posts were scheduled on the wrong days.

I is for Internship #atozchallenge making up for the lack of I post yesterday.

A to Z I is for Internship My J and I posts were scheduled on the wrong days.

J is for Juggling

J is for Juggling

juggling2A to Z J is for Juggling

One of the hardest things about being a writer, I think, is the juggling part of the gig. We all have to do it. Even if you’re lucky enough to be a writer full time, there’s still family and life and friends to deal with. I know, all jobs have that, but you usually write from home, don’t you? And there’s something about working from home that inherently makes it less…

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